Three Ways To Make Your Lawn Magically Appear (Or Make It Seem That Way!)

Posted on: 1 March 2017

Lawns are complicated things. You have to get all of this green grass to grow from seeds, stay green, cut it, keep it tidy, fertilize it, etc. It is definitely not easy to do if you cannot be right on top of it all the time. No one would blame you for a spotty lawn, but if you want your lawn to spring from the ground and look instantaneously stunning, you do have options. No, it is not magic per se, but it is pretty close.


Sod with fully grown, lush green grass is the go-to product for most landscapers. It covers your old and unattractive lawn the minute the sod is rolled out or dropped and installed. It may take a few weeks for this new grass to take root in your yard, but when it does, it looks as though it had been there all along.

Fast Grass Patch Repair Granules

This product is often used to correct the bare patches in your yard left by your dog or by objects that have rested on the grass for too long. It contains fast-growing grass seed, fertilizer and a few other chemical agents that balance the soil out so that the grass can quickly take root and grow uninhibited. While it is not typically used to cover an entire lawn, there is nothing prohibiting you from doing so since the product will only have a positive impact on your sparse lawn.


Hydroseeding is the hot new trend in seeding an entire yard and making the grass explode into view within a week or two. It is very similar to the grass patch repair granules, except that the granules (with seed and fertilizer included) are turned into a liquid which is pressure-blasted all over your yard. Every corner of your property that is not covered by other plants, trees, buildings and landscaping is sprayed with this mixture. Since it is already mixed with water, the seeds readily absorb the water and fertilizer even before they hit the ground. As the whole mix is blasted into the ground, it quickly settles and the seeds get down to business.

Magic Growth

While none of the above methods for seeding your lawn and making grass appear very quickly are magic, they are faster than the traditional method of seeding the ground. The abbreviated growth time will have you enjoying a plush, green lawn in about a third to a half of the time of planting grass seed the usual way. Maintenance of your lawn after it has established roots is the same as if you had wheeled back and forth over your yard with a seeder.

For more information, talk to a professional like Hydrograss Technologies.


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