Why Power Raking Is Good For A Lawn

Posted on: 21 March 2017

Does it seem as though nothing that you are doing to improve the look of your lawn is working? The problem might be that your lawn is covered in thatch, which is basically a mixture of dead grass, leaves, and possibly roots. Thatch sits on top of the soil and prevents grass from getting the nourishment that it needs to grow in a healthy manner. You can get rid of thatch by hiring a power raking service. Take a look at this article to learn about some of the benefits of power raking a lawn.

Water Will Seep into the Soil Easier

Water is one of the main things that a lawn must have to grow. However, it is not good for the lawn to become overly saturated with water. Too much water can lead to the grass dying rather than growing in a healthy manner. You can end up with patches of dead grass all over your lawn. Getting your lawn power raked will allow water to penetrate the soil easier instead of sitting on the surface of the thatch.

Grass Roots Will Obtain More Carbon Dioxide

Your lawn must obtain a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide in order to grow. It is important for air to reach the soil in order for carbon dioxide to be released, which can be difficult when thatch is in the way. When power raking is done to your lawn, air will reach deep within the ground to make contact with the grass roots. The roots will eventually become healthier, and your lawn will be more appealing to look at. The great thing about power raking is that it can also promote the growth of new grass roots, which can lead to your grass growing thicker.

Fertilizer Will Be More Effective

Fertilizer is an important aspect of keeping a lawn healthy, and the reason why is because it contains a large amount of nutrients that grass must have to grow. When a lawn that is covered in thatch is fertilized, the nutrients are unable to making it into the soil. You basically end up fertilizing the lawn for nothing, and wasting money on the fertilizer. The best way to make the most out of your fertilizer is to get the thatch removed each time it is laid out on your lawn. Schedule a date for a power raking service to visit your home and remove the thatch from your lawn. Contact a company like R  &  S Landscaping to learn more.


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