3 Key Elements In Landscaping Your Luxury Home

Posted on: 30 March 2017

If you're finishing the design or construction of your new luxury home, you're likely excitedly looking forward to moving in and enjoying the fruits of your labor. But there's one more thing to do: landscape.

While many luxury homeowners don't give the landscape as much thought as the interior of the home, it can be one of the key elements in your home's success. Here are three things to accomplish with your luxury landscape design.

Create a Style

Before you start moving any dirt or planting anything, it's important to determine what your landscape style will be. The style and theme of the yard should tie in with both the house's overall architecture and style as well as with your personality.

How can you define a landscape style? If your home's architecture contains many formalistic elements, high walls, classic elements, or the like, you may want to complement it with a formal garden style. You could opt for formal Italian or French gardens or a modernist look. On the other hand, if you have a country home with a natural feeling, you'll probably want to go for a more homey and casual style of landscaping -- such as Mediterranean or English cottage gardens.

Maintain Privacy

Luxury homeowners usually want a certain level of privacy and security. You may also want to create the feeling that your home is a haven. Elements in the landscaping and hardscaping can help with all three goals. A combination of a secure perimeter fence with plantings along it is ideal for creating privacy and making the yard more attractive. For example, a solid wooden fence can be fronted by taller trees along its inside edge to add even more vertical privacy, windbreaks, and noise reduction.

Bring Living Outdoors

Finally, one of the most common elements in a luxury house's yard is extending the home's useful living space by adding outdoor rooms. What type of outdoor living areas you want to include is largely up to you and your family. Among the most popular types of hardscaping are outdoor kitchens and entertainment lounges. Modern outdoor rooms can house fantastic elements like high-end chef's grills, large fireplaces, outdoor bars, water features, or a custom pool.

When working with your landscape designer, look for ways to add conveniently-located rooms that flow well from their interior counterparts. Match hardscape elements to the structure and color scheme of the house, and make sure it follows the landscape style you've previously chosen for your yard's theme.

Finishing your new luxury home with the most appropriate landscape design is the best way to turn an ordinary space into something that will take your guest's breath away from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.


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