Want to Grow Full Sun Plants in Your Backyard? Get Landscaping Help to Cut Down on Shade

Posted on: 6 April 2017

If you buy a brand-new home that is outfitted with custom features based on what you choose and are willing to pay for, you may end up with a landscape that already has the look and feel that you desire. But, buying a home from another homeowner means you will be inheriting what they have done. You could be presented with an empty backyard or one that has certain plants you may not particularly like. If you have always wanted a yard full of sunshine and plants that need full sunlight to thrive, you should think about hiring a landscaping company to help you with making these changes to your new landscape.

Get Strategical with Positioning

The first thing you should think about is positioning in the yard. For instance, if part of your landscape is at a higher elevation than the rest, you may be able to grow full sun plants with ease in this area. If you have plans to put in a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, and patio, you should take a look at the yard to determine where you will have the easiest time getting full sun for the plants that you want to grow. Avoiding the edges of a fence and the sides of your home will almost be necessary to maximize sunlight exposure.

Consider Removing Trees

If the landscape has a large number of trees that are providing extensive shade to the yard, you should consider the idea of removing them. It may not be possible to enjoy an extremely sunny yard without taking down the largest tree or maybe a collection of trees that create an impenetrable canopy, especially in the center of the yard.

Monitor the Yard

Another strategy that you can use to start growing full sun plants is to determine where the sun comes through. You will have to wait until you can monitor the yard long enough to come to a strong conclusion, so it may be worth setting aside a week or two worth of monitoring on the weekends. You can then figure out where you need to put the most effort to get sunlight and where you do not need any change at all.

Full sun plants are often the brightest and most colorful of them all, so it makes sense to follow these tips and get help from a landscaping company like Eliot's Landscape LLC to incorporate them into your yard.


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