Starting a CSA? Helpful Hints to Reduce Weeds Without Chemicals or Extra Weeding Chores

Posted on: 12 April 2017

Starting a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) endeavor is a great way to offer healthier, locally grown vegetables, fruits, and other foods to consumers who may have previously had to rely on commercially grown options from their local supermarket. Since many commercial growers routinely use pesticides and other chemicals, health-conscious individuals can feel good about getting the foods they want and need from a local CSA, instead.

But weeds are not just a commercial grower problem, so CSA owners often find themselves overwhelmed with hand weeding chores while also trying to take care of the seeding, tilling, watering and harvesting chores. If you are starting a CSA and want to work smarter not harder, the following no-chemical weed control tips can help your new business succeed. 

Use the power of the sun to kill weed growth on fallow ground

One of the best ways to naturally eliminate unwanted weeds and plants over large areas of fallow ground is to use the power of the sun to destroy them. To do this, section off an area that will be planted during the next growing cycle. Mow any existing grass or weeds on it and then water it heavily, before immediately covering it completely with a layer of black plastic sheeting.

Use heavy posts, rocks, or sandbags to weigh down all the edges and prevent the wind from moving the plastic for several weeks. As the plastic absorbs the heat of the sun, it will work with the moisture underneath to create a steam effect that will kill plants and render any remaining weed or grass seeds incapable of sprouting. 

Choose mulch carefully to avoid bringing in addition weed seeds

Another way to greatly reduce the amount of weed and grass seeds that will cause problems in your growing areas is to make sure that any mulch or compost materials you use or bring in from other sources are properly composted before using. Heat from composting, when done properly, will render existing seeds, such as those found in waste hay from area farms, unable to grow and infest your growing areas. 

Invest in durable, reusable, landscaping cloth

Using a proactive planting method can be an easy way to make weed control much easier after the vegetable plants are growing and producing. To do this, CSA owners can choose to prepare their soil for planting, spread a layer of weed control landscaping fabric and cut a hole or slit in it so that they can insert the seedling plant through it and into the soil beneath. The growing plant will benefit by not having to compete with weeds for water and nutrients and the CSA owner will benefit from having more time to devote to building their business. 

To purchase landscaping fabric, black plastic sheeting, or other products to help with weed control in your CSA business, consult with a reputable agricultural products dealer like Bio Feed in your area. 


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