Create A Cottage Garden With A Retaining Wall

Posted on: 24 April 2017

If you have a sloped yard, you need a retaining wall for landscaping and maybe even for walking. You're not confined to a utility wall that stands apart from the rest of your landscaping, though. If you fancy a cottage-style garden, utilize the retaining wall as the centerpiece of your landscaping.

Start with a Stone Wall

A stone wall is one of the most traditional forms for retaining walls. Rustic stone walls are built without any mortar. According to the Landscaping Network, this age-old form of construction is called dry walling.

Dry walling is a difficult and expensive process, so the site recommends a similar technique called dry stacking, which has a concrete wall at its core. In short, contractors stack the stones against the concrete core, securing them with mortar only on the interior. Such a stone wall looks as rustic and beautiful as the original technique—it's just somewhat easier to construct and, therefore, less expensive. Look for stones that seem native to your area for the most cohesive effect.

Install a Pathway

A hallmark of cottage gardens are winding pathways where you can stroll and enjoy the views. Such a walkway should look as natural as possible, so plan to pave it with spaced pavers. You can even plant in between the pavers with hardy groundcover to make the walkway seem like a natural extension of your landscaping. Try to avoid a straight line as this comes across as formal. Instead, curve the pathway near your wall, either above it to enjoy the view or below it to take in the gardening above the wall.

Add Flowers

Speaking of gardening, cottage gardens are characterized by their lush plantings, especially of flowers. If you have a large yard, you can probably get away with scattering wildflower seeds around the area. However, you will also want a planting bed of heirloom flowers, especially around your stone retaining wall.

Plan on pretty flowers such as delphinium, larkspur, yarrow, bellflower and daisy. Plant these in a cluster above or near the wall, filling in the gaps with lamb's ear and lady's mantle. By planting these near your wall, you get the charming contrast between the hard stone and the gentle flowers.

Include Garden Décor

Another way to draw attention to your stone retaining wall is with garden décor. What you choose and where you place it depends on your yard. For instance, it may make sense to install a bird bath or fountain in the center of a planting bed just above your wall. However, maybe instead you want a garden gate or arbor that spans across the pathway near the wall. Stand back away from the wall and landscaping to visualize which garden décor piece will best complete the picture.

Design around a stone retaining wall for an attractive cottage garden tableau. For more information, talk to companies like Boehm Landscape Inc.


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