Three Steps For Patching Bare Spots In Your Lawn

Posted on: 22 May 2017

When your lawn is unfortunate enough to develop bare spots, these bare areas can spread and contribute to other issues for your lawn. In particular, they can cause erosion to worsen, which may cause the surrounding grass to thin. To repair a bare spot in your lawn, you should follow several tips so that your property can enjoy the benefits of a lush and full lawn.

Clean The Old Dead Grass

Before you start the patching process, you will want to thoroughly remove any dead or dying grass blades from the area. These blades can interfere with the grass seed that you will be added later. To remove these blades of grass, you should go over the area as thoroughly as possible with a rake. This will remove any dead grass, but you may need to manually pull out any remaining blades from the area to be patched.

Apply A Seed And Fertilizer Mixture

Most hardware and lawn care stores will sell grass seed, which can make it very convenient for you to purchase. However, some people will make the mistake of simply adding these seeds directly to the area. In order to germinate and grow as quickly as possible, the grass seeds will need various minerals and nutrients. While these resources may be obtained from the ground, it can take several days until the roots of the grass are able to adequately tap into this source of nutrients. When preparing the seed mixture, you should create a mixture that incorporates a fair amount of topsoil and fertilizer. This will ensure that the grass has all the nutrients that it could need until its root system is fully developed.  

Protect The Area Until The Grass Takes Root

Even under the best conditions, it may take a week or more before the grass is noticeably filling in the bare spot. During this time, you will need to protect the grass seeds from various threats. For example, dog urine can be highly acidic, which can kill the roots of the grass seedlings. In addition to posing a risk to grass seedings, dog urine can also be highly toxic to mature grass, which will make it worthwhile to stop dogs from urinating on or near the grass. Also, extremely heavy rain can wash away the germinating grass seeds before their roots anchor into the soil. To protect the seedlings against this threat, you will want to cover them with a plastic tarp until the heavy rain passes.

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