Three Reasons To Remove A Tree

Posted on: 8 June 2017

Removing a tree from your landscape can be a difficult decision. You must weigh the rewards against the cost of removal. In some cases, the tree may even still appear healthy, which can make it even harder to make the final decision. The following are three reasons why it may be a better option to remove the tree:

#1: Disease or pest issues

A tree that is still alive but plagued by pests and diseases can pose a serious threat to your landscape and home. Most obvious is the fact that the problems with the tree could spread to the other trees and plants in your yard. If this occurs, you will have to pay to have them removed eventually, as well, which is far more costly than just removing a single tree. Another concern is that a tree suffering from a disease or major pest problems may also start suffering from die-off. This can lead to branches dropping, which could damage property or hurt someone. At the extreme end, the weakened tree could fall or blow over more easily during a storm, which can be a major threat to your home.

#2: Poor location

Sometimes the wrong tree was simply planted in the wrong area. This is often seen in older neighborhoods, where trees that were the perfect size when young were planted too closely to the house. Within 20 or 30 years, the tree reaches full size and it is now crowding against the house and posing a threat to the roof or siding. Or, it could be a similar situation but near a road, power lines, or even the driveway. If you really enjoy having a tree, such as for shade, have the overgrown one removed and replace it with a tree that will better fit the space once it reaches a mature size.

#3: Overcrowding

When a yard is first planted all the trees and plants are young and the space looks sparse. A common mistake at this point is to add more trees to try and fill it out. This will backfire later as the trees begin to crowd each other out. Some trees will be on the losing end of this battle for soil room, moisture and sunlight. You don't need to remove all of the trees, but you do need to remove some. In this case, work with arborists, like the ones at Arborcare Tree Service, to choose which ones to keep. They can help you pick out the healthiest trees that work well in the space you have available in your yard. You will soon notice that the remaining trees are growing more healthy once they have some room.

For more help, contact a tree service in your area.


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