3 Situations When Hiring A Professional Tree Trimmer Is A Good Idea

Posted on: 19 September 2017

You have a good chainsaw, you are not afraid of heights, and you are pretty certain that pruning those trees on your property should be no big deal. While you may feel more than equipped to tackle this maintenance task on your own, there are some situations when hiring a professional tree trimming service is an especially good idea. Take a look at three circumstances when it is best to leave the job of tree trimming to people who have the proper tools, skills, and experience. 

The tree rests close to a neighbor's property. 

If you have a tree that stands close to a neighbor's property, it is always a good idea to trust a professional for the pruning of that tree. If you inadvertently drop a limb and damage your neighbor's property, it can be a hassle to get your homeowner's insurance to cover any costs associated with repairs, and even if they do, it can mean a premium hike down the road. Not only do professional tree services have enough experience to prevent this from happening, if damage is caused, their business insurance will pick up the tab. 

The tree is a fruit-bearing tree. 

Fruit trees can have their growth majorly inhibited if they are improperly trimmed. They should only be trimmed at certain times during their annual growth cycle and you have to be exceptionally careful not to trim the branches too short. Otherwise, you could inadvertently stunt the tree's ability to produce fruit. Plus, fruit trees are harder to trim because they often harbor bees and other stinging insects, and the twigs and branches can contain trace amounts of toxins that should not be consumed by animals. Therefore, extra attention to cleanup after the trimming process is a must if you have pets or livestock. 

The tree is one that stands really tall. 

Climbing around in a big tree with a chainsaw to prune it is not a job for someone who has little experience, and most homeowners simply don't have the proper safety gear to do this the right way. The taller the tree, the more dangerous this job gets because you cannot always count on which way branches are going to fall as you cut them. Professionals use bucket trucks, lifts, and their skills and experience to tackle trimming those really tall trees in a safe way so no one gets hurt in the process. 

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