How To Lay Cobblestone Pavers

Posted on: 5 October 2017

If you want to enhance a garden, separate a flower bed, or smooth the harsh appearance of an asphalt driveway consider adding cobblestone pavers. Cobblestones are small rocks once used to pave roads. Installing cobblestone pavers gives you landscape a uniform look as well as provide a mowing edge. You should able to install the pavers yourself by following these instructions.

Prepare to Install the Cobblestone Pavers

To lay the pavers, gather:

  • work gloves 
  • tape measure
  • chalk, hoses, or landscape spray paint
  • broom
  • wheelbarrow
  • spirit level 
  • shovel and hand tamper
  • trowel  (optional)
  • cold chisel and hammer
  • rubber mallet crushed rock or gravel
  • polymeric sand
  • landscape fabric mortar (optional)
  • cobblestone pavers 

Mow the land strip where you want o install the pavers, or use an edge already cut. Map the design with hoses, landscape paint, or chalk.  

Dig the Trench

Measure the height and width of a cobblestone to figure how deep to dig the trench. If the cobblestones differ in size, measure each one, and use the largest stone. Dig the trench to the desired depth, and toss dirt in the wheelbarrow.

If you want the pavers uniform with the edging of the area, dig to the height and width of the cobblestones, adding two or three inches to the height. Bury a third of the cobblestone to prevent shifting around flower beds. Use a tamper to pack the soil.  

After you dig the trench, backfill half of the trench to a three-inch to four-inch depth with the crushed rock or gravel, tamper it, and check for evenness using the level. Lay the other half of the gravel or rock, and tamp it in place. Add landscape fabric over the gravel to prevent weeds.

Lay the Pavers

Mortar isn't needed, but you may want to use if for formal edgings like driveways. Mix the mortar according to directions, which commonly resembles a thick soup. 

Spread on an inch layer of mortar with the trowel, and make the length enough for five pavers. Push the first paver into the mortar, hammering it with the mallet. If a stone is too large, use a hammer and chisel around the edge until it fits.  

Set cobblestones without mortar in the same manner, and check for evenness every.four or five pavers. Spread mortar or remove dirt as necessary to make the pavers even. Tap the side of the pavers, so no gap remains. 

Spread the sand over the trench after you lay the last paver, and sweep it into the seams to keep the stones from shifting. Lightly mist the pavers with water from the hose.

Contact a service, like Estate Landscape, if you need more help.


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