Yes, You Need To Keep Caring For Your Grass Before The Snows Hit

Posted on: 9 November 2017

If you think of fall and winter yardwork, you may think of raking leaves or shoveling the snow. Since your grass will be either die, go dormant, or be covered in snow, lawn maintenance may be the last thing on your mind. However, fall and winter lawncare is vital to keep your lawn looking nice come spring and summer. Here are some tasks you should take care of before snow hits your area:

Mulch Any Fallen Leaves with the Mower

While getting rid of dead leaves can make a lawn look nicer, the grass can benefit from their nutrients. Letting the dead leaves break down could save you a little money on fertilizer. Some people are concerned that dead leaves will mildew and cause fungus to grow. This is only a problem if you let a large pile of leaves stack up and suffocate the grass. To avoid this problem, just mow your grass as usual to tear them up into smaller pieces. If you mow regularly in the fall, dead leaves won't have a chance to stack up.

Clip the Lawn a Little Shorter

There's always the concern about how short a lawn should be mowed. If the grass is too short, then it's harder for photosynthesis to take place, but if the grass is too long, then it may mat and be prone to fungus. The 1/3 rule is a good place to start when finding the ideal length. However, during the fall and winter, you may want to cut your grass just a hair shorter. If the grass is too long, it can create a favorable habitat for snow mold, a cold-weather fungus. So if it hasn't snowed, keep cutting your grass until it stops growing for the season.

Aerate the Lawn if You Have Cool-Season Grass

If you have cool-season grass, like fescue or Kentucky bluegrass, you should aerate your lawn before it snows. Aerating your lawn is especially important since it can prevent soil compaction and help grassroots receive nutrients and water more easily.  

Spike aerators can rip up grass and can inadvertently cause soil compaction, so try a plug aerator instead. Plug aerators are machines that will pull plugs of grass and soil out, instead of you having to poke holes in the lawn.

If you follow these lawn care tips during the fall and winter months, your lawn will have a better chance of looking vibrant in the warmer months. Talk with a landscaper in your area like A Greener Season Landscaping for more lawn care tips and help with maintenance.


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