Deck Your Desks: Four Fun Ways To Dress Up Your Office For The Holidays

Posted on: 15 December 2017

When it comes to decorating your office for the holidays, there are lots of great opportunities to have a little fun with your decor. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are a few creative ideas you can use to deck your desks, and halls too, for the holidays.

North Pole

If your office has an open floor plan and plenty of support columns, consider dressing them as the North Pole. For this idea, you can use red and white ribbon wrapped around the poles. Place a small table at each one with a basket of holiday candies or treats so everyone can get little presents from Santa throughout the day. You can even add to this idea by placing Santa and elf statues around each pole.

Giving Trees

Consider adding a few Christmas trees around the office, but decorate them with a fun twist. Add lights and garland, and decorate them with small office supplies, such as pens or tiny notebooks hung on ribbon. This gives everyone a fun way to restock their desks when they run out of office supplies. Another option is to decorate the tree in a more traditional way, but to add small gifts for each employee under the tree. The gifts can be opened at the office holiday party, but your staff can have fun trying to guess what's inside each one in the days before the party.

Stockings Hung With Care

Dress the front of each desk to look like a fireplace mantel, and hang a at each desk. You can do this with the help of brick-style wrapping paper along with construction paper cut to look like flames. Customize the stockings with your employees' names so they have a personalized little decoration at their desk. When it's time to start doling out Secret Santa gifts, they can be placed directly in the stockings. Consider dropping a small trinket, such as a holiday pen, in each stocking every morning so every day at the office is like waking up on Christmas morning.

Twinkling Lights

For a more sophisticated way to bring a festive feel to your office, consider hanging strands of white lights. These can be used to bedeck the office's Christmas trees, but they can also be used around cubicle entrances, doorways, and windows to bring a bit of sparkle to the office. Consider adding the lights around your reception desk as well for a merry addition to your waiting room.

Look for a range of decor ideas, including Christmas trees for the office, and use any or all of these ideas to make your office a holly, jolly winter wonderland. Contact a service, like Environmental Designs, for more help.


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