Tips For Handling Soil Erosion Problems

Posted on: 8 January 2018

Erosion issues can be a devastating problem for your property to suffer. When soil erosion is allowed to proceed unchecked, it can destroy your landscaping, create structural issues for your home and damage paved surfaces. While erosion is a surprisingly common problem for homeowners to have to address, there is a lack of information about the effective strategies for minimizing the effects of erosion.

Maintain The Health Of Your Plants

One of the most effective ways of helping to stop or slow soil erosion is through keeping your grasses and other plants as healthy as possible. The roots from these plants will help to hold soil in place. Unfortunately, many people will neglect to care for their plants, which can drastically reduce their effectiveness. While taking the time to ensure that your soil is sufficiently covered with grass and other plants will require large amounts of manual labor, it can be worth it for reducing the risk of these complications striking your home.

Consider Installing Retaining Walls

While improving the coverage of plants can be extremely effective, there may be areas of your property that are simply too steep to be able to support plants growing. Not surprisingly, these areas can be among the most vulnerable to erosion as water may come rushing down the incline at a very high speed. Combating erosion in these areas will likely require the installation of a retaining wall as this will be able to hold back the soil so that it will not wash away. Installing one of these walls can be surprisingly difficult, and it may be prone to a structural failure if it is done incorrectly. Due to these risks, you should leave the installation of one of these walls to a trained professional contractor.

Improve Drainage

There are many erosion problems that are the result of inadequate or uncontrolled drainage. Unfortunately, homeowners will frequently assume that there is little that can be done to improve the drainage enough to reduce the impacts of soil erosion. Yet, there are several upgrades that can be made to help address these problems. For example, if the erosion issues are along paved surfaces, gutters or drain tiles may be sufficient for reducing the rate of erosion. Additionally, it is possible to install erosion netting that will physically stop soil from being able to wash away. To determine the exact option that will be best for your needs, you should have a comprehensive soil analysis performed as it will provide useful insights into the source of the erosion issues.

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