3 Fun Landscape Features To Include In Your Landscape Design

Posted on: 24 January 2018

When it comes to creating your landscape design for your yard, you have so many awesome options. This is your opportunity to be creative and create a yard that you will love. While traditional things like grass, trees, flowers, rocks, etc., will likely be included, there are more fun and unique items that you can also include. Here are three fun landscape features to include in your landscape design.

A Water Fountain

If you are looking for something that is decorative to add to your landscape, then you should consider a water fountain. You can have a small water fountain stand or you can have one made out of concrete base that was poured in your backyard. You can choose how many levels you would like for your fountain, as well as if you'd like some lighting incorporated into the fountain as well.

A Pond

Another awesome thing to consider adding to your landscape design is a pond. A pond is great if you want to bring a bit of nature to your backyard. The pond will be created out of a rock base with a liner inside of it. You can also add beautiful plant life around the pond to make it look more natural and to add even more beauty to your backyard. If you have a pond, you can fill it with fish of different kinds, frogs, and more. This can be a fun task to care for your pond and the animals living in it.

A Sand Pit

Another great feature to consider adding to your home is a sand pit. The great thing about a sand pit is that it can be used for a few different things. You can have a bunch of different sand toys, such as shovels and buckets, and you can treat it is a sand pit. You can also have the bases installed for a volleyball net and you can play volleyball matches whenever you'd like. This creates more fun things for you to do outdoors that any member of the family can participate in.

When it comes to creating fun and unique ideas for your landscape design, things like a customized water fountain with one or more levels, a manmade pond with fish and frogs living in it, or a sand pit to be used as a sand box or a volleyball court, are all great features to include.  Contact a company, like Red Moon Landscaping, for more help.


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