3 Ideas for Turning Your New Patio into an Outdoor Oasis

Posted on: 26 February 2018

Having a new patio installed is a great way to improve your family's quality of life and create a relaxing and beautiful outdoor living space. Instead of simply adding a simple patio, throwing a table and chairs on top, and calling it a day, try these ideas for taking your patio to the next level:

Add a Shade Cover

Instead of relying on a table umbrella that only provides shade for a tiny portion of the patio and is vulnerable to wind and rain damage, invest in a retractable shade cover for your entire patio. This will allow your family and friends to enjoy hours at a time on the new patio, without the annoyance of having sun in their eyes. You can protect your children's skin from damaging sun rays, enjoy laptops and tablets without a glare, and use your patio even when it's lightly raining outside.

If you'd rather soak in the sunshine, simply hit a button and your retractable patio shade cover will open up and let the sun in.

Add a Fire Pit

While you can always add a portable fire pit at any time, for a truly elegant look have a stone fire pit built directly into the patio when it's being installed. This way, your patio contractors can ensure the wiring is correct and that your fire pit is ready to go as soon as your patio installation is complete. A fire pit not only adds a lot of beauty to your patio, but it provides practical functionality as well. Your fire pit is a warm place to gather on brisk nights, the perfect spot to make s'mores, and it provides extra light and illumination as well.

Have Outdoor Speakers Added

Instead of hauling your indoor speakers back and forth from inside your home to the patio, and risking that they become damaged, install wireless outdoor speakers directly to your patio. Outdoor speakers are designed to be resistant to all sorts of bad weather and can stay in place year-round. Connect them to your phone or tablet via bluetooth technology, and easily enjoy your tunes outside within seconds. With your outdoor speakers, your new patio will quickly become the prime location for impromptu family dance parties and festive nights with friends.

Incorporating these ideas into your new patio design will pay off in the form of a patio your whole family loves to spend time in. Contact companies like Glacier Landscape to start the process.


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