2 Simple Factors To Help Design A Retaining Wall

Posted on: 24 January 2019

From preventing erosion and runoff to adding definition to your landscape, a retaining wall can be a great investment for your yard. Not only do they serve a purpose, but they can also add curb appeal while increasing your home's value. Of course, the design of a retaining wall is not easy, since there are many elements needed to create this hardscape in your landscape. Here are a few factors to consider when designing a beautiful and functional retaining wall.


One of the first and probably most important factors to consider is what kind of load the wall needs to support. The type of load will also affect the materials used and the actual installation of these materials, too.

If your retaining wall is created for a flowerbed, any type of stone or brick will be sufficient. However, if the wall will line a driveway or pool, you should install a stronger stone or brick that is capable of withstanding extra weight and pressure.

A retaining wall can also be created around an outdoor living space, such as a patio. In most cases, this will be more for decorative purposes, but a high installation can be ideal for creating privacy or a sound barrier.


You may be surprised to learn there are many different material options available when building a retaining wall.

Concrete blocks are an affordable and functional option to consider for your wall, but their lack of natural color tones makes them a less popular choice for homeowners. Concrete walls are also popular, since they are poured instead of placed. These walls are great options if you need privacy or a higher and strong support.

Brick is also an option to consider. If your home's exterior is brick, consider using the same color brick to for your retaining wall to create a uniformed appearance throughout your landscape.

Stone veneer is also a material you may want to consider for a natural retaining wall that works well with most landscapes. Although it has the appearance of stone, stone veneer is lighter in weight, making it easier to install. It may be more expensive than brick and natural stone, but stone veneer is capable of lasting a great deal longer since it can withstand enormous abuse over the years.

For an investment that will add appeal and value to your home, consider a retaining wall. This guide will help you begin the design process for your new landscaping retaining wall. Learn more from a company that offers masonry services.


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