Types Of Landscaping Vegetation You Can Use To Transform Your Yard

Posted on: 15 July 2019

With the right type of vegetation growing in your yard, you can make your backyard into a space that is all your own. Whether you like tall, mature trees, green ground cover, vines, or tall grasses growing in the landscaping beds surrounding your expanse of lawn, you can choose the features that provide you with the privacy, visual interest, or the ability to cool the environment. Here are some tips to help you choose the right type of landscaping vegetation for your yard.

Plant Lawn Grass

Having a lush green lawn is one of the dreams of many homeowners. And depending on the area of the country and its climate, this dream can be easy or more difficult to realize. Check into your area's drought conditions to see if there is a regulation on water usage during the summer to make sure you can grow a live lawn. Otherwise, you can check into artificial turf. 

Otherwise, evaluate your yard to see if you need to plant a shade-tolerant lawn or one that will receive full sunlight most of the daylight hours. If you live in a dry climate, for example, look to plant drought-tolerant lawn. Or if your home is in a cooler climate you will need a cool grass variety. Talk to your landscaper about mixing two or more varieties that are going to give your yard its best chance at remaining healthy and green.

Add Landscaping Grass

Landscaping grasses are the tall grass varieties that can grow from a few feet tall to upwards of twelve feet or more and provide your landscaping with an attractive element. If you have a landscaping border that needs some variety in its low-lying plants, ornamental grasses will provide this effect. 

And as an added bonus, when you plant some taller grasses, they will provide you with a natural privacy wall in your yard from your neighbors having a straight view into your outdoor activities. Landscaping grasses can soften the appearance of your concrete paved patio, especially when you plant then around the patio's border or in potting containers and space them around the patio.

Look at all the variety of landscaping grasses that are available in your area to find the ones that suit your yard and the look you want. There are short fluffy grasses, soft silvery grasses, and tall elegant grasses you can choose from. Your professional landscaper can help you design the right grass landscape and place it for optimal use.


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