Three Reasons To Choose Artificial Turf With Long Blades Of Grass For Your Backyard

Posted on: 25 March 2020

Artificial turf in your backyard can be hugely desirable. In addition to always looking pristine, its presence will mean that you'll no longer have to spend time mowing the lawn. If you're thinking about adding turf to your backyard, there are many different styles to consider. One decision that you'll need to make is how long the individual blades of "grass" will be. Your local artificial turf retailer will have products with a wide range of blade lengths. Here are some reasons that longer blades may be a better choice for your artificial grass lawn:

They Look More Realistic

Artificial turf that has short blades of grass has value for many reasons, but it sometimes lacks the authentic look that you might be going for when you want turf in your backyard. The blades of grass in this type of turf can be just a fraction of an inch in length, and no one's backyard grass is cut that short. Conversely, turf that has longer blades of grass will often have more of a realistic appearance. You want to look out your window at turf that has an authentic look, and longer blades are more apt to give you this feeling.

They Feel Good Underfoot

There's something nice about walking on lush turf, compared to walking on turf with shorter blades of grass. This is especially true if you're walking in your bare feet — something that you might plan on doing frequently once you get the turf laid down throughout your backyard. While turf with short blades of grass can essentially feel like walking on thin carpet, turf with longer blades has a soft and comfortable feel underfoot. If you have kids who will be playing barefoot in the yard, this is an ideal choice.

They Hide Small Debris

You might not be aware of how much debris can blow into your yard when you have natural grass, but this can quickly become evident when you have turf. For example, if your neighbor has a maple tree, small maple keys can flutter into your yard and land on the ground. When you choose turf that has short blades of grass, these small pieces of debris will sit on top of the turf and be highly evident, resulting in a messy look. With longer blades, small debris can land on the turf and then slip down between the blades of grass, yielding a tidier appearance.


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