Important Insight To Help You Use Compost In Your Garden Soil

Posted on: 7 May 2020

Using compost in your backyard soil does more than gives you a use for your organic yard waste, but it also makes a nutrient-dense material that many people will buy in bags from a local home and garden shop. But whether you get your compost from a local supplier or you make your own, you can benefit from its use in amazing ways. Here are some important tips about using compost to boost your garden and landscape soil.

Choose Your Compost Method

There are several ways you can get access to compost for your landscaping needs. You can get bagged compost from a local supplier or retailer, or make your own and experience the process of creating your own mulch-rich compost for your landscaping and garden plants. If you choose to make your own compost, you can either use a compost bin or mixer in which to add the ingredients and combine it together.

Or you can toss the different components in a heap on a specific area in your garden. Just make sure you have the ability to mix your compost layers together every so often, which you can do with a shovel or pitchfork. By mixing the layers, you will be able to allow oxygen to penetrate into the compost as it breaks down. Then, also make sure your compost mixture contains moisture but is not soaking wet. By adding materials that contain moisture on their own, such as vegetable peelings and freshly-cut lawn, you should be able to keep the mixture at a proper moisture level for the materials to decompose.

Understand the Benefits

When you add a rich, dark compost to your hard, dry, or sandy soil, it turns the soil into something that is rich for plant growth. Compost added to soil will improve its ability to hold in moisture, which helps plants access and take up moisture, and it provides nutrients and essential minerals your plants need for sustained growth and health. Without a soil rich in compost, your plants will remain alive but won't grow at all if any amount.

Composting also helps to keep the waste out of the local landfill. For example, when you toss your kitchen scraps, lawn clippings, and fallen branches and leaves into your compost pile, it does not end up in trash bags in the landfill. If the compost materials are sent to the landfill, your garden soil loses out on all those helpful nutrients.


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