Fence Installation Tips For Your Backyard Enclosure

Posted on: 28 July 2020

A backyard fence is a great addition to your property and your outdoor space, as it defines your property and protects the space from intruders. But if you are considering adding a new fence to your backyard or to replace an old fence, there are some tips and rules you should follow to make sure you don't cause yourself more stress and waste your time installing it improperly. Here are some tips to help you successfully install a fence in your backyard for privacy and to add to your landscaping.

Plan the Fence Line

To start off your fence installation, you need to get an overall understanding of your property lines and any restrictions within your area and city for building a fence. Check with your local zoning and building departments to make sure there are no height restrictions on your fence plans. Some properties, such as a corner property that is next to a road, will need to have a clear view of oncoming traffic and the fence can only be a certain height. 

Also check with your property's lot lines with the county land recorder's office to make sure you have the correct position of your property's boundaries. If you end up building your fence on a property's lot or government land, you can get fines or have to pay a penalty and have to remove the fence at your own expense. 

It is also recommended for you to find out if any utility lines are buried around your property. If you have a gas line buried in the yard and you are not aware of it, you may cut through it during the post hole excavation. If you are hiring a professional landscaper to install the fence for you, be sure to mark where it will go and your utility lines beforehand. 

Excavate the Post Holes

Once you are ready to start digging for the post holes, work around any utility lines so you don't damage them. Also be sure you dig your holes deep enough so that the fence is secure in the wind and over time. No matter if your fence is four feet high or eight feet high, you will need to make sure it is buried deeply enough to make the fence secure. 

Plan to bury your fence posts at a depth of two feet deep. For example, if your fence is six feet tall, your posts will need to be eight feet in length. Then, if you plan to add in gravel at the base of the post for drainage, add extra depth to the hole to allow for the drainage gravel. 

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