Tree Removal Preparations to Keep Landscaping Clean and Reduce Property Damage

Posted on: 24 September 2020

The trees on your property can sometimes end up being hazards. These hazards can be difficult to deal with, and you may need to have trees removed to ensure your property stays safe. This can also cause a problem with landscaping, and damage to property. Therefore, you want to make sure to take precautions, and properly prepare for your tree removal. The following tree removal preparations will help keep your landscaping clean and prevent damage to property:

  • Removing clutter near the tree hazards—There could be a lot of clutter around the area where tree removal is needed. The clutter can make it difficult to work and remove the tree. The objects can also get damaged during tree removal. You want to put lawn furniture, decorations, and other clutter in a safe place, while the tree removal work is being done around your home. This will also make it easier to keep the landscaping clean when trees are being removed.
  • Make sure there is clear access to trees—Access to the areas where trees are being removed is important. Depending on where the tree is that needs to be removed, there are different things that you may need to do to ensure there is clear access to the areas where removal is going to be done. If the tree is in the back of your home, you will want to make sure that removal equipment can get to the area, and things like fencing or landscaping features are not in the way.
  • Protect landscaping plants from damage—The plants in your landscaping are very vulnerable to damage when you are removing trees. You likely want to protect the plants from any damage. Use plywood and plastic tarps to protect plants that cannot be moved while work is being done. Move any plants in containers, or plants that can easily be transplanted temporarily without causing too much stress.
  • Keeping messes under control during tree removal—There is a lot of debris and dust that is going to be produced when you are removing trees. Use plastic tarps to cover areas with debris and dust, to make it easier to clean up your landscaping once the work is completed. The branches and leafy debris can be stored in containers, until they can be mulched or hauled away with other tree waste that needs to be removed.

These things will help prepare for tree removal, to reduce messes and problems with property damage. Call a tree removal service for professional help dealing with tree hazards around your home. For more information about tree removal, contact a local landscaping company.


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