Soil Erosion Control Recommendations For Your Property Landscaping Improvements

Posted on: 19 October 2020

Soil erosion from wind and rain is a big problem when you are landscaping your property. You don't want to have the small dust particles that can get into the air because of the adverse health problems that come along with dust suspension, and you also don't want to lose your soil due to erosion. Here are some recommendations which you can use to help control the erosion of soil in your yard and protect your property from the adverse effects of wind and rain.

Plant Vegetation

One of the best ways to control erosion of your soil is by growing vegetation. When the vegetation is removed from your soil, even if it is weeds, the soil immediately becomes at risk of erosion, so it is best to leave existing growth in place.

However, when you want to improve the landscaping with your own variety of vegetation, a lawn is a good option. Hydroseed application of the grass seed will coat the soil in a slurry of seeds, water, and mulch to dry in place and create a hard shell. When the seeds begin to grow they take root in the soil and give you the erosion control barrier for your property.

Install an Organic Soil Netting

Sometimes there may be an area of soil in your yard that is situated on a slope. A slope can promote erosion of the soil the steeper it is, which makes it difficult to plant seeds or grow vegetation on the slope in the meantime. Vegetation helps to secure the soil, but if the seeds constantly wash down the slope, it will be difficult to impossible. 

An organic jute netting is a great option for a slope soil area to keep the area stable while new vegetation grows. Look for a jute netting at a landscaping supply store or home and garden center, which you can rollover your newly seeded soil. Sprinkle your seeds over the soil and roll out the netting, then secure the netting in place with some soil staples. As you water the soil, the jute netting will protect the soil and the vegetation can grow within the netting. The netting is organic so it will slowly decompose as the vegetation takes root and grows in thickly and the area remains moist.

Add a Soil Top Dressing

If you are not planning to plant vegetation over the entire site of bare soil, you can still protect it with a layer of top dressing mulch materials. A couple of inches of mulch added to your soil will prevent erosion and also help boost the soil's condition as the mulch will decompose and also hold in moisture. Mulch will provide you with a landscaping site in which you can add in vegetation in specific areas, to plant trees or shrubbery throughout. Contact us to learn more about soil stabilization.


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