Install And Maintain Lawn Edging To Make Your Yard More Attractive And Look Well Kept

Posted on: 9 December 2020

If you're looking for an easy and inexpensive way to make your lawn look like it's professionally tended and more attractive, then you should add lawn edging. Edging makes crisp lines between grass and things like foundation plants, walkways, and garden beds. Here's a look at options in edging, how to install it, and how to maintain the edges of your property.

Types Of Lawn Edging

You can buy edging that is barely noticeable or edging that adds an attractive element to your lawn. Edging can be made of metal, plastic, or stone. It can be flexible and shaped to make curves or made from individual pieces you can use to create any shape you want, including a straight edge.

Some types of edging are more decorative than others, so look at all the options when choosing the best edging for your lawn so the edging complements other features, plants, and grass in your yard.

Ways To Install Edging

First, you have to decide how you want the edging to be placed on the ground. You might want to lay out a garden hose and adjust its position until you have settled on the right placement for the edging. Next, separate the grass and the mulch, walkway, or curb by using an edging tool that cuts into the soil to break up roots. Remove all the grass on the side of the line nearest your plant bed or walkway, and you're ready to put down the edging.

Some edging is on spikes you push in the ground. Other edging is made of metal pieces you pound in the ground with a rubber mallet. Other times, you may need to dig the edging line deep enough to bury a strip of flexible metal edging so that a small part is above the soil and the rest is below to block roots.

If you'll install edging made of pavers, you may need to remove grass, put down landscaping fabric to hold back weeds, and then put down the stones. You could make a border walkway or stand the pavers on end for a tall edge around a plant bed.

Methods For Maintaining Lawn Edging

If you use metal edging that's nearly even with the top of the soil, then you might be able to mow right over the top of it as long as your mower blade doesn't hit the edging. You'll have a well-defined edge without having to do any special trimming or edge work. If your edging is too tall to mow over, you'll need to use a weed trimmer or your edging tool to control the grass on the lawn side of the edging.

You can buy an electric, manual, or gas edger. These tools have metal blades that cut deep in the soil to eliminate grass, weeds, and roots to make sharp lines along concrete and paver edging. If you're not careful, weeds and grass will grow over the top of the edging and make it look sloppy, so maintaining sharp edges should become part of your lawn mowing routine.

Reach out to a professional to discuss lawn edging for your property. 


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