Insight To Install And Keep A Healthy Sod Lawn

Posted on: 27 January 2021

A lawn is a great way that you can improve the quality and appearance of your yard's landscaping. It adds cooling relief in the summer and provides a soft turf where your children and pets can play safely. However, when you are preparing to lay a sod lawn, there are some tasks you should do before, during, and after its installation to make sure it is a success. Here are some tips and insight to get a healthy lawn and keep it maintained for many years of enjoyment.

Prepare Your Yard

Your yard is going to need a bit of preparation before you can roll out new lengths of sod. If your yard contains any vegetation growth, including existing lawn, you need to remove it from the yard, either by digging it up or scraping it off with a skid steer, for example.

You should also grade the soil so it is level and can promote good drainage for your future lawn. For example, if the soil slopes toward your home's foundation, you should add some topsoil to create a slope away from your home to protect it from moisture problems. While you are grading the soil, you can take some time to remove large rocks and any construction debris that may be left behind in the soil from prior construction. Remove any rocks that are larger than two to three inches in diameter because they will get in the way of a smooth-laying lawn.

Protect Your Investment

Once the sod is delivered to your home, the clock starts to tick and you need to get your sod installed properly and provided with plenty of moisture. Your sod will die on the pallets if the weather is too hot and you delay installing it for more than a few days. You can spray water over the sod if you have to wait on its installation, but the sod will eventually begin to grow together into a chunk on the pallets.

So, be sure you plan for its installation and clear your schedule so you can lay it onto your yard's soil as soon as it arrives. Sod is usually cut from its original growing site on the sod farm early in the morning hours so it can be delivered to your home as fresh as possible. If you can, place the sod in the shade if there is any available in your yard. Then, get to work laying it as soon as possible.

Once the sod has been installed, begin to water it immediately. Keep the sod moist with frequent irrigation for the first one to two weeks to ensure the sod takes root into the soil.

To learn more, contact a sod installation company.


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