4 Types Of Commercial Landscaping Services

Posted on: 26 February 2021

If your business has a nice lawn and yard area, you will need to keep it looking nice to maintain the overall curb appeal of your business. You may not have the time required to take care of the landscaping and run your business, which is where hiring a commercial landscaping service can prove valuable to your business.

#1: Landscape Maintenance 

The first type of commercial landscaping you can pay for is landscape maintenance. Landscape maintenance is about making sure your property looks good year-round by engaging in the activities that need to be done regularly to keep the landscaping looking great.

Landscaping maintenance includes mowing and edging the yard, pruning shrubs, pulling weeds, raking leaves, and cleaning up. If you want your landscaping to look good around your business, you need to start with a commercial landscape maintenance service.

#2: Landscape Improvements

The second commercial landscaping service your business may be interested in is landscape improvements. Landscape improvements are about making sure your landscaping looks as nice as possible by enhancing it with things such as seasonal flower beds or planting mixed-height shrubs and trees that will make your property look vibrant throughout the year. If you want to improve the overall quality of your landscaping and add new trees, shrubs, and flowers, you will want to investigate landscape improvements.

#3: Lawn Care

Lawn care is a little different than landscape maintenance. Lawn care is about taking care of the overall health of your yard. This includes doing things such as aerating and dethatching the yard to allow moisture to get down to the roots of your grass. This includes fertilizing your yard, controlling weeds, and dealing with pests.

Lawn care also including doing things such as seeding a new yard or reseeding an older yard. It is all about making sure that your grass and other plant life are well fertilized and protected against weeds and pests.

#4: Irrigation

Most commercial landscaping companies can also install an irrigation system for you. If your business already has an irrigation system in place, they can perform maintenance on the system, and they can set and adjust the irrigation schedule throughout the year to ensure everything is being properly watered.

When it comes to taking care of the landscaping around your business, you will want to hire a commercial landscaping company to take care of landscape maintenance, landscape improvements, lawn care, and irrigation needs. Working with a commercial landscaping business will allow you to keep your business looking great.


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