5 Reasons To Call A Lawn Service In The Fall

Posted on: 9 September 2021

If you've been thinking about hiring a landscaping service, fall is a good time to take a company for a test drive. Most lawns require fewer service calls, but the specificity of fall lawn care needs gives you a good opportunity to try a variety of services that are provided by the company. 

1. Aeration

Your landscaper will use a special machine to punch out plugs of soil from the lawn. This aerates, or opens up, the soil so that moisture, nutrients, and air can reach the grassroots. As the soil dissolves in the subsequent days, the lawn begins to benefit from the more porous and looser soil. Fall is a good time for this task because the ground often becomes compacted from a summer of mowing, irrigation, and foot traffic. 

2. Fall Fertilization

Fall fertilizer is often applied in mid-fall a month or so before the lawn is expected to enter winter dormancy. The purpose is to ensure a final surge of root growth, which helps a lawn overwinter well. It also ensures that some key nutrients are already available in the soil as early growth resumes in the spring. Timing and amount depend on your climate and soil profile, which is something a good lawn service can determine. 

3. Winter Grass Reseed

Fall is the optimum time to reseed if you grow cool-season grass. The seeds will begin to set root in the soil during the damp winter season, without the need for a lot of watering or maintenance. Come spring, the lawn will be lusher and with fewer bare spots. Your lawn service will determine the best variety to overseed the lawn with, along with the optimum time for application. 

4. Yard Cleanup

Dead leaves, dried-up flowering plants, and broken twigs can carpet the landscaping come mid to late autumn. Not only is the debris unattractive, but it also can increase the chances of fungal growth on lawns. A good lawn service can rake up the debris and cut back the old plants so that the landscaping is clean and tidy before winter arrives. 

5. Sprinkler Winterization

Come late fall, one must consider their irrigation system. Any water in the lines can lead to a burst pipe and a leak if the water freezes. Many landscaping services also provide sprinkler winterization, which means they drain the water and prepare your system so you don't have to worry about freeze damage.

Contact a landscape company to learn about the fall lawn maintenance packages that are available. 


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