Uses For Gravel In Your Landscaping

Posted on: 26 October 2021

Gravel is an extremely versatile material that can have a wide range of uses with your landscaping. Due to the wide range of uses for landscaping gravel, it can be easy to overlook some of the more common uses that it can have.

Create Definition In The Landscaping Design

One issue that people will often have with their landscaping design is that there may not be a sufficient amount of definition between the various flower beds and other portions of the landscaping. The use of gravel between these areas can be an effective way of creating more distinction between these zones so that they can be more visually appealing. When choosing gravel for this use, you may want to opt for white or black gravel, as this can be more visually striking than grey gravel.

Minimize The Amount Of Erosion That Develops

Erosion is a major problem that can cause substantial damage to landscaping and the structures on the property. Gravel can be a reliable and visually appealing way of holding the soil in place when heavy rains move through your area or when you are watching the property with sprinklers. To be effective the gravel will need to be a couple of inches thick, and it will need to be supplemented every year or two so that the gravel that washes away can be replenished. Edging around the perimeter of the gravel can help to hold it in place during periods of intense downpours, which can help the gravel to provide effective erosion control for much longer.

Reduce The Ability Of Weeds To Grow

Weeds can be a constant issue that you will have to manage. When there are areas of the landscaping that will struggle with supporting grass or other desirable plants, it can be possible for a variety of weeds to start growing. Once these weeds become established, they can spread to the other areas of the landscaping. Applying a layer of gravel to these areas can help to stop weeds from being able to germinate. There may be a few that are able to break through the gravel and start growing. As a result, you will want to occasionally treat the gravel with a weed control product and pull any weeds that have been able to germinate. It is important to do both of these steps as simply pulling the weeds from the ground may not eliminate them as many species of weeds can regrow as long as the root system is intact.

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