3 Services Your Landscaping Company Can Offer In Winter

Posted on: 16 November 2021

Winter is definitely the slow season for landscaping companies. In most areas, you do not have any grass to mow. Homeowners have generally winterized their garden beds, so there aren't any flowers to care for, either. So, how do you keep business coming in once the snow starts flying? Here are some landscaping services worth offering in the winter.

Tree and Shrub Trimming

A lot of trees and shrubs do better when trimmed in the winter than in any other season. This way, the tree does not waste any resources to produce springtime buds and branches that you only end up removing anyways. Trimming in the winter also gives you a chance to remove any snow and ice-damaged branches before they have a chance to cause damage. Homeowners may think the idea of trimming their trees mid-winter sounds strange at first. But once you explain that this is healthier for the trees, you can count on calls starting to come in.  

Lawn Aeration

Aerating lawns is not a very difficult service to perform. You attach a special roller with spikes to your mower, or even to an ATV. Roll over the lawn, and the spikes will poke holes in the lawn. This makes it easier for water and nutrients to fully penetrate the soil and come into contact with the grass roots. You can really aerate anytime between fall and spring. It may be worth offering this service throughout the winter so that whenever there is a clear, snow-free day, you can get a few lawns done. Plus, when you aerate in the winter, you know for sure the lawn is ready to go as soon as the weather starts warming up.

Insecticide Spraying

During the winter, it is common for insects to move into garden beds. They might hide under the leaves and reproduce. Once these insects are in the garden bed, they often next move into the house itself. Spraying the garden beds—at least those closest to the home's foundation—with insecticides in the winter will help prevent infestations. Homeowners would often rather have their beds sprayed in the winter than have to pay for interior pest control services later on.

Winter may be the slow season for landscaping companies, but that doesn't mean you can't still make some money during this time. Start offering the services above in the winter, and you're sure to find some new clients.


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