Pipes Burst And Have Water Damage Inside Your Home? Tips To Get It Repaired

Posted on: 10 December 2021

If your pipes burst, this can quickly cause a lot of water damage. This is especially true if you were not home when this happened. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get things repaired to get your home back to normal. Keep reading on how to do this.

Repair the Pipes

The first thing to do is to contact a plumber to repair your burst pipes to stop more water from getting into your home. If you tell the plumber what is going on, they will likely get to your home quickly. 

Burst pipes can be caused by many things. If it is winter, the pipes may have frozen and then burst. There may be a tree that has encroached on your water pipes. Your water pipes may be old and have corroded. In this case, the plumber will need to replace your plumbing system. If you have clogs in your pipes and do not get them taken care of the clogs can become very large over time and cause your pipes to burst. 

Remove Wet Things

Remove as many wet things as possible outside if you can. There are some things that can be dried out so you can save them. This is important as mold and mildew will quickly start growing on anything that is wet. If the day is sunny, set things out in the sun to get them dry. This includes things like tables, chairs, couches, rugs, and anything else that touches the floor. 

Hire Water Damage Repair Company

The best thing to do is to hire a water damage repair company. They will come to your home to assess the damage and then take steps to do the repairs. They will use industrial wet/dry vacuums to suck up all the water. They may have to remove carpeting if it has become saturated and the carpet padding is wet. 

The company will set up large industrial fans in the wet areas. These fans will have to run for a few days in most cases. They can be loud, but they do a great job at drying everything out. The company may also use a dehumidifier to help remove moisture from the air. 

The water damage repair company will do a full inspection when everything is dry to determine what can and cannot be saved. If your flooring stayed wet for long periods of time, the floorboards may have to be replaced or there may be water behind drywalls. This can help with insurance as the company can give you a list of everything that was damaged so the insurance company will pay for the repairs.

The water damage repair company can give you much more information on how they work. 

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