Upgrading Your Property's Runoff Management With French Drains

Posted on: 13 January 2022

If you are to effectively manage the runoff from your property, there are some upgrades that may need to be made. The installation of French drain systems can be a solution that will enable you to have more effective control over the runoff from your property during rainstorms and landscaping watering.

French Drains Can Discretely Improve Your Ability To Manage Runoff

A homeowner may be leery of installing gutters throughout their property as this will potentially have negative impacts on the appearance of the landscaping. Luckily, the use of French drain systems will allow for the runoff to be controlled without having a major negative impact on the aesthetics of the landscaping. This is due to the fact that the majority of the French drain system will actually be buried and only the drains themselves will be visible.

Trenchless Excavation May Help To Limit The Amount Of Disruption That Occurs During Installation

It is easy to assume that the entire length of the piping for the French drain system will need to be excavated to allow them to be installed. If you are wanting to limit the damage and disruption to your landscaping that this will cause, trenchless excavation options may be a viable solution. This solution will allow the pipes to be installed while minimizing the amount of surface soil that needs to be disturbed. Unfortunately, this may not always be an option as it will depend on the terrain of your property. A French drain installation contractor can assess your property to determine the best options for installing the drain system.

A French Drain System Will Need To Be Periodically Cleaned And Flushed

French drain systems will require slightly more maintenance than traditional gutters. This is due to the need to remove leaves and other debris that could start to accumulate in the pipes of the French drain system. Failing to remove these materials can lead to the French drain clogging. Cleaning these drains can be a challenge as it will be difficult to reach many of the areas deep in the piping. A professional contractor will be able to easily remove these materials as they will have tools that can reach deep into the pipes to pull out leaves, and they may use pressure washers to break up and flush out residue and dirt that could be gathering the pipes. Ideally, the French drains will need to undergo this type of cleaning at least every few years to keep the water flowing freely through these drains.


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