Garden Landscape Design Tips For A Rustic Look

Posted on: 29 January 2022

If your home has a rustic look, then you probably want your landscaping to match. So, as you design your garden beds, you want to make sure they take on a rustic, country-like appeal. How do you achieve that while still ensuring your garden beds look tidy and polished? Here are some ideas and tips.

Include a Trellis

So many country homes have trellises with vines growing up them. As such, this is a great element to include in your garden bed design. One option is to have two matching trellises in the garden beds. Place one on each side of your home's front door. The trellises should be a couple of feet from your home's exterior walls, as this ensures the plants don't interfere with your home's own structure. At the base of the trellises, you can plant any sort of vine-producing plants, from English ivy to creeping figs.

Line the Beds With Wood Fences

It's often nice to set your garden beds apart from the rest of the yard in some way. If you're aiming for a rustic look, then surrounding your garden beds with some low wooden fences is a good idea. A 2-foot-tall, wooden picket fence is a nice choice. If you use a really outdoor-friendly wood like cedar or cypress, you can leave it entirely natural. If you use less-durable wood like maple or walnut, you'll want to finish the wood with a clear stain. These fences should be low enough that you can just step over them to take care of your garden beds. They're not meant to keep anything in or out; they're just decoration.

Plant Some Wildflowers

Nothing says "rustic" like wildflowers! As you create your garden bed design, make sure you plan on including some wildflowers, even if you intersperse them with other bushes and shrubs. Good wildflowers to consider include:

  • Bellflowers: These perennial flowers feature big, purple-blue blooms. They offer good ground cover and thrive in moist soil.
  • Bee Balm: With fluffy-looking, purple and pink blooms, bee balm flowers are known for attracting bees and butterflies to your land.
  • Queen Anne's Lace: These big, white, fluffy flowers tower over most other wildflowers. They prefer moist soil and full sun.

Your rustic home deserves a rustic garden landscape design to match! Keep the tips above in mind as you design your garden beds. Wood fences, wildflowers, and trellises create a lovely, rustic appearance. 


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