5 Style Options for Complementary Patio and Driveway Designs

Posted on: 25 February 2022

Underlying themes and structure can really pull a landscaping design together. This is especially true when it comes to the most common paved surfaces in a yard—the driveway and patio. Using similar decorative pavement techniques on both surfaces isn't just attractive, it ensures you have a cohesive design. 

1. Color Tinting

Adding color to concrete is one of the simplest ways to up the wow factor while tying the look of the two surfaces together. Dye of nearly any color can be added to concrete before installation. If you prefer a more detailed job, such as one that features designs, then acid dying can be used to color and "paint" an already installed concrete surface.

2. Stamped Designs

Concrete stamping is just as it sounds—large stamps are used to imprint a design into not-quite-set freshly laid concrete. You can have your drive and patio stamped to look like flagstones, bricks, or old road cobbles, for example. You can also have tile designs, complete with little decorative elements like sunbursts, stamped into concrete. There are also basic texturing designs available to choose from.

3. Aggregate Surface

Aggregate refers to any type of gravel, rock, or decorative mineral that is used in paving. With concrete paving, whether driveway or patio, you can have decorative aggregate embedded into the surface. Not only will this showcase an attractive and natural stone surface, but it also adds traction and protects underlying concrete. Aggregate surfacing can also be added to existing concrete that has minor damages, which is a great way to improve the look of a stained or cracked drive or patio.

4. Decorative Borders

Putting in a decorative paved border around a boring plain concrete patio or driveway pad can look nicer while also helping to tie the appearance of the two surfaces together for better cohesiveness of design. Bricks are often used for concrete borders, but you can also use decorative paver stones. Another option is to install concrete curbing that is dyed and stamped with a decorative pattern.

5. Mosaic Insets

A beautiful tile mosaic inset into concrete can really improve the look of paved areas in the landscape. If both the driveway and patio are visible at the same time, then tie together the mosaic look by using the same or a related design, or simply use the same color selection for both mosaics to ensure continuity of design.

Contact a paving service if you would like to learn more about concrete driveways or concrete patio options.


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