The Basics Of An Often Overlooked Lawn Care Need: Dethatching

Posted on: 26 April 2022

Even the most consistent lawn mowing and upkeep efforts are going to prove insufficient if you're not dealing with the thatch in your lawn too. Many homeowners have heard of thatch, but they often don't fully understand what that is. Understanding the basics of what thatch is and what you need to do to deal with it can help you to protect your lawn and encourage it to thrive.

What Is Thatch?

The term "thatch" refers to the dried, dead grass, roots, and other plant matter that can accumulate at the soil level. Sometimes, this layer is beneficial because, in small amounts, it can contribute some nutrients to the soil. However, left unaddressed, thatch can build up and become too thick, blocking natural sunlight and airflow to the soil. This can hinder grass growth over time.

What Causes Thatch?

There are a lot of things that can contribute to thatch development on your lawn. Certain grass types are more likely to produce thatch than others, and properties with minimal earthworms may have denser thatch. Sometimes, you create your own thatch problems with excessive fertilization and poor aeration of the soil. Your grass's roots need to breathe, and when they can't, the grass dies off and builds thatch at the soil level.

Should You De-Thatch Your Lawn?

If you want to be sure that your lawn has its best possible chance to grow thick, lush, and healthy, you'll want to de-thatch the lawn. Not only will de-thatching help to prevent suffocating your grass's roots and encourage strong growth, but it will also eliminate the ground cover that can harbor pests. Flowers and grass seeds will struggle in your yard with unaddressed thatch problems too.

How Do You De-Thatch Your Lawn?

The right time for de-thatching your lawn will depend on the type of grass you have. Cool-season grass should be de-thatched in the early fall. Warm-season grass should be de-thatched in the spring. Use a rake to clean up any leaves and debris from the yard, then go back over the grass with a firm rake once it's free of surface debris. The firm rake will help you loosen and pull up the thatch to clear it out and free up your grass. 

If you're not certain whether your lawn needs de-thatching, or you aren't comfortable trying to do the job yourself, reach out to a local lawn care service, such as Rock Solid Services LLC, for more help. They often provide these services.


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