4 Tricks of Lawn Maintenance to Work Around Watering Restrictions

Posted on: 17 May 2022

Drought conditions and strained public water supplies make it hard each summer to keep lawns watered across the country. Water restrictions come and go in many states like Florida, California, Nevada, Texas, and more. If you're trying to keep your yard green this summer and must work around limitations on how often and how long you can water, try these long-term lawn maintenance tips that improve the lawn's resilience in any conditions.

Water the Parts That Need It Most

Each yard has varying soil conditions, turf density, shade levels, and topography in different areas. It takes a little more work to learn which areas dry out the fastest due to direct sun or sandy soil, but soon you'll know exactly which parts of the lawn need watering first and most often. Targeting these areas with your sprinklers or watering efforts will pay off by maximizing green color and lush growth despite a drought. You need to remember to water the rest of the areas in between priority applications of irrigation, so consider timer systems so the high-demand zones are watered more often than the low-demand areas of the turf.

Keep Records of New Sod Installation

Many counties and cities that impose watering restrictions on lawns offer exemptions for homeowners or business owners that have just installed new sod. New sod needs daily watering in hot or dry climates for at least the first 30 days. A lack of watering due to restrictions could kill off the turf. Yet you may be challenged by code enforcement or the water authority if they notice you're watering out of the restricted times and amounts. Keep the paperwork for your sod installation on hand and ready to fax or email to any relevant department to avoid fines.

Check for Irrigation Leaks or Clogs

If you're wasting water due to leaks in your hoses, sprinkler systems, or irrigation hoses, you'll see parts of your lawn drying up despite your best efforts to water when allowed. These leaks can also lead to fines for excessive water use even if you barely ever water your lawn. Don't forget to disconnect any old or unused irrigation equipment so it can't interfere with your smart watering plans.

Mow Extra High

Cutting the lawn a little higher helps shade the soil, reducing evaporation between chances to water. It also encourages the plant to hold in more moisture, reducing stress on the roots. If you have your lawn professionally maintained, request a higher cutting setting during any water restriction periods.  


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