Recommendations For An Attractive And Maintained Commercial Landscape

Posted on: 5 August 2022

The appearance of your professional or commercial building has a great deal to do with the condition and maintenance of its landscaping. An unkempt yard and exterior will give your business the look of a neglected and derelict building, which can deter customers and even scare away new business. Here are some recommendations for you to implement in your building's commercial landscaping to give it a professional and attractive appearance.

Use Bedding Areas

Bedding areas throughout your commercial landscape are going to provide the site with visual interest but also make it easy for the area's overall maintenance. When you can combine all your shrubbery, flowers, and trees into a central bedding area, either along the side of a building or in the center of the lawn, it will make the landscaping process easier. 

Regular mowing will be easier for you to arrange because there will only be a general bedding area to mow around or along instead of multiple spots for the location of each tree and shrubbery. And when you have a large area of lawn on your commercial property, you will be able to benefit from a commercial lawn mowing service that uses a commercial mower that can cover more area and mow the landscape more quickly. You will also be able to prevent plant and tree trunk damage from mowing and weed eating. When the lawn does not have vegetation obstacles to maneuver throughout and trim around, you can complete your commercial mowing much faster and easier and get a more uniform look.

Reduce Weed Growth

Weeds and their growth can cause your landscaping to look shaggy and unmaintained quickly. Just a week's worth of weed growth can make the edges uneven in your bedding and lawn areas. For this reason, it is important that you take precautions against weed growth. If there are areas of mulch, such as gravel or rock without vegetation growth, use a landscape fabric beneath the mulch. A layer of landscape fabric is going to prevent weed growth from coming into your rock and it is also going to protect the rock from sinking into the soil. Without landscape fabric, your rock will sink into the soil and soil will come up, requiring you to replenish your rock mulch with new materials.

Be sure you install and landscape fabric appropriately so that it is overlapping along the edges of the fabric. Apply landscape fabric stakes or staples so that it does not lift or shift around and unsettle your mulch materials. Freezing temperatures during the winter can cause your landscape fabric attachments to be heaved from the soil, so in the spring you will need to check the fabric and its attachments to repair any winter damage.

For more information on commercial landscape maintenance, contact a professional near you.


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