Had A Lot Of Trees Removed? Methods That Can Be Used To Remove The Stumps

Posted on: 30 August 2022

If you had a lot of trees removed from your property, you do not want to leave behind a bunch of stumps. Stumps can result in injury if someone trips over them or even drives over them, and they also look bad. Fortunately, you can hire a service to remove the stumps for you. There are different methods that can be used to do this, three of which are listed below.

Dig it Out

If the trees removed were not large, the contractor may be able to dig the stumps out with a shovel. This is generally done on very young trees that have not grown very large as all roots also need to be removed. With older trees, roots are generally much deeper and spread wider. If roots are left intact the tree can start growing again and may even grow in another area of your yard where you don't want it. 

Digging is the simplest stump removal method that can be used, and you could even do this on your own. If there are any roots exposed, use a root saw to cut through them. 

Grind the Stump 

If mature trees were removed with deep and wide roots, the stump grinding method is often used. The machines used are large and heavy. You can rent a stump grinder yourself to do this but hire a professional as they know how to operate the stump grinder properly. Stump grinding is chosen because it's effective and cutting through even thick, deep roots with no problem. 

When the contractor is finished, there will be a pile of wood pieces left over. If the tree was not diseased in any way, you can use these wood pieces as mulch for a garden or other areas of your yard.  Mulch is beneficial as it prevents weeds from growing and holds in moisture for flowers. If the tree was diseased, ask the stump removal contractor if they can take the wood pieces away. 

Remove the Stump With Chemicals

Another method that can be used is removing the stump with chemicals. As long as the method is done correctly, this is an effective way to remove tree stumps. The chemicals used are strong enough to kill the stump so it can then be easily removed. 

The contractor first drills holes in the stump and around the stump. The contractor then pours the chemical into the holes. It will take time for the chemical to soften and kill the stump. Keep children and pets away from the area until the process is completed. 

The stump removal service can give you much more information about removing tree stumps.  


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