Recommendations To Install Your New Home's Landscaping

Posted on: 21 September 2022

The choice to build a home brings you a lot of options in terms of its features and floor plan, but also how you landscape the exterior of the home and its property. Property improvements with landscaping will add a great deal of value, accent, and appearance to your home and can ultimately affect the comfort and energy efficiency inside your home, which is why it is so beneficial. Here are some tips to help you install your new yard once your home is completed in its construction.

Plan Bedding Areas

The blank canvas that is your yard and home exterior may be full of weeds, construction debris, and rocks that you will need to remove and clear the way for new landscaping. Once the area has been cleaned and leveled, make plans to build bedding areas where you can plant vegetation, shrubbery, flowers, and trees to bring variety to the landscape of your yard.

It is recommended to add bedding areas that run around the outside of your home's foundation to frame your home. Bedding areas can have curved natural-looking borders or straight linear borders that give a more geometric shape to your yard. Mark these borders out in your yard so you have a clear vision of how they will look in your yard's design. You can use string, a garden hose, or landscape paint to define the borders before you add them in permanently with topsoil and compost. 

Consider Vegetation Plantings

The types of vegetation you add to your landscaped bedding areas will help you create the type of look and environment that you want. Start out by deciding where you want to plant trees within your bedding areas. These will be the largest items within your landscape design, so plan them first so you can fill them in around with smaller vegetation. 

However, make sure you plan for the full mature height of any trees you select and plant near your home. Consider their root and branch growth when they grow larger because you don't want to place them too close to your home. The roots can grow into the foundation and cause damage and can also grow onto and over your root to cause damage there as well. Once you have placed your trees, plan for other shrubbery and flowers around the trees to fill in the rest of the bedding areas.

For more information on new construction installation, contact a professional near you.


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