5 Signs A Business Should Request Commercial Snow Removal Services

Posted on: 17 October 2022

Many businesses rely on commercial snow removal services to take care of their parking lots, roads, and sidewalks. If you're not sure whether your operation should contact a commercial snow removal business, here are several signs it's time to call in a professional.


Liability for accidents is one of the main motivations for businesses to remove snow in general. Doing the removal work yourself might be possible in a limited setting. However, that can still create significant liability exposure.

If you're seeing many accidents on the property or nearby, it may be time to invest in commercial snow removal services. Bear in mind that the idea of accidents goes beyond vehicles and includes falls involving people on foot. It is a good idea to have a professional start commercial snow removal efforts early and continue them throughout a storm to reduce the risk of accidents involving people and vehicles.

Damage to Paved Surfaces

Another sign of trouble might not necessarily be evident during the winter. If a paved area has lots of melting snow on it, the surface can break down. This may take time, but freezes followed by warm-ups will lead to cracks because water and ice create problems. If you're seeing damage to the surface after every winter, it may be necessary to pay for commercial snow removal to take some of the burdens off of a parking lot or road on the property.

Reduced Customer Traffic

People vote with their feet, and some folks may see all the snow at a business and vote against going there. If you're seeing notable reductions in customer traffic during winter weather events, it may be the snow piles or ice that's deterring them. While it's easy to blame the weather, you may want to experiment with commercial snow removal to see if it makes a difference in customer traffic.

Time Intensiveness

Removing snow is work, especially if you have to have a business open at an early hour or it stays open all night. Driving a truck with a plow at 2 a.m. is time intensive, particularly if you have to turn around and be in a store at 5 a.m.

High Removal Costs

Dealing with removal work can get expensive. Plows break, salt machines need maintenance, and anti-skid costs money. If the costs of doing the job yourself are adding up, it might be time to let someone else deal with the associated problems. By contracting with a commercial snow removal services company, you might even lock in some of your costs.

For more information on commercial snow removal, contact a professional near you.


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