Things To Consider When Selecting Artificial Turf For Your Lawn

Posted on: 16 December 2022

Artificial turf is becoming a more common choice for lawns. Homeowners enjoy that it does not need to be mowed, fertilized, or treated with pesticides. They also enjoy the lack of mud that comes with having artificial turf in one's yard. But there is more than one brand and type of artificial turf. So, how do you go about selecting the right turf to suit your needs? Here are some key things to consider as you make your selection.

What is the "yarn" made from?

In the world of artificial turf, the word "yarn" refers to the green, grass-like blades on the top of the turf. In other words, it is the fake grass itself. This yarn can be made from a few different materials. Lower-end artificial turf is usually made from a plastic called polyethylene. It's attractive and soft to the touch, and it is reasonably durable. It's a perfectly suitable choice for the average yard, especially if you are trying to stick to a reasonable budget. Higher-end turf generally has yarn made from nylon. This is much longer-wearing and more durable than polyethylene yarn, but it's also more expensive. If you plan on hitting golf balls, playing baseball, or putting your yard through other forms of intense wear, it may be worth choosing nylon. It's more often used for gold greens and sports fields than for lawns, though.

What is the yarn density?

The yarn density is the number of pieces of yarn that are threaded into each square inch of backing. The higher the yarn density, the more "blades of grass" the turf has per square inch. For a yard, you don't need to buy the turf with the highest yarn density, but you probably don't want the lowest, either. The denser the yarn, the more realistic the grass looks. So, a good rule of thumb is choosing turf that is dense enough to look like real grass.

What is the pile height?

Pile height refers to the length of the yarn, or the length of the grass blades, if you will. For a yard, you want an ample pile height so that the turf looks and feels lush under your feet. Stay away from the stubby, little, low-pile turfs that are typically used for baseball diamonds. You want something on the higher end of what's available.

Hopefully, these tips serve you well as you go about finding the right artificial turf for your lawn. Speak to a company like Templeton Gap Turf Farm LLC to learn more.


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