Cut Down On Grass With Landscaping Services

Posted on: 4 January 2023

A quick inspection may reveal that most of your landscape is covered in grass. While some homeowners might love this quality, you may prefer other features and qualities in general. A worthy goal is to change and transform most of your landscape into something you love.

While you may plan to make changes in the front yard and backyard eventually, you can focus exclusively on the grass in the beginning. Ideally, you want to hire landscaping professionals who can help generate ideas, create plans, prepare the landscape, and execute projects.

Groundcover Plants

A fast and easy solution to replace grass is by growing groundcover plants. However, despite this option providing fast results, you can still enjoy a high-quality outcome. You can prioritize native groundcover plants that you know will thrive in the climate where you live.

An optimal climate may allow these plants to grow without any work on your part. For instance, you may not need to do any supplemental watering to help with the growth. The main thing you want to look out for is growth because you will likely need to trim these plants occasionally.

When you are ready to work on this project, you can tell landscapers about your plans and goals. Then, professionals can give you a list of native groundcover plants to choose from. You can ask about each option's features, qualities, advantages, and disadvantages. Another smart move is to look at online photos and videos to analyze each plant's appearance.

Mulch Beds

Another viable option to take over grassy areas is mulch beds. This feature is advantageous because you can grow flowers and shrubs without worrying about most growth issues. The mulch bed protects from weed growth, which comes from your organic or inorganic mulch.

Since the mulch covers most of the mulch bed, except for the area around the plants, you will find that weeds have difficulty growing.


Adding new features is an excellent way to use the space that grass leaves behind. A landscaping company can incorporate more walkways throughout the space. Or you can get landscapers to add a pond, waterfall, or different water features to accommodate your family.

Most water features can provide relaxation in some way, shape, or form. The water itself may look and feel calming to be around. Another way to benefit is by adding a water feature that creates the sound of trickling water, creating an ideal place for your family to relax.

Consider these landscape projects to improve your home and cut down on grass. 

For more info about property landscaping, contact a local company. 


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