5 Non-Plant Needs For A New Landscape Installation

Posted on: 8 June 2023

An attractive landscape installation doesn't begin with choosing plants. Putting in the right infrastructure before you move on to planting will make care and use of your yard much easier in the future. The following are a few landscaping components that go beyond the planting.

1. Soil Sculpting 

Flat yards aren't very interesting, so many landscaping plans include sculpting and grading the ground to give it more variation. This may include excavating out small ponds or water features, digging and installing dry creeks, or simply terracing an existing slope to make it easier to plant. Sculpting is best left to professionals as they must maintain the grade so that water doesn't collect near your home's foundation.

2. Integrated Drains

Low areas in a yard are another problem that is best addressed early. The aforementioned soil sculpting can help if you put in dry creeks or similar drainage features. Another option is to put in perforated drain pipes underground in the soggy areas. These are routed to the nearest storm drain to prevent water from accumulating. Drains are best installed prior to planting or putting in the lawn.

3. Lighting Installation

If you are planning to add landscape lighting to the design, determine what type of lighting you want -- electric, solar, or hybrid. For electric and hybrid systems, electric lines will need to be run through the yard to power the lights. Planning out the light locations and installing the lines prior to planting means you won't be digging up your yard right after landscape installation.

4. Irrigation Systems

Automatic sprinklers make it much easier to tend your new landscaping. Much like lighting, it's better to install all the sprinkler lines prior to planting since some excavation will be necessary. You will need to have your landscape planting plan in place prior to putting in the sprinkler lines and emitters, though, so that you can ensure they are routed out properly for the final installation.

5. Hardscaping Needs

The last step before you move on to planting is putting in any paving. This includes obvious items like the patio and walkways, as well as any other hardscaping work that you desire. Retaining walls, poured concrete garden border edging, and special features like fountains and built-in barbecues can all be constructed before you plant. By doing the paving and hardscaping first, you minimize the chances of damaging new plantings.

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