Can You Install A Well In Your Yard?

Posted on: 14 July 2023

If you use too much water to irrigate your lawn and landscape, you may want to install a well on your property. But if you don't know how to install a well, you may allow some of your landscape to perish to save money on your water bills. Before you give up your landscape, consult a well drilling company for assistance. A drilling company can install an irrigation well on your property. Learn more about irrigation wells and how to install a well on your property below. 

What Should You Know About Irrigation Wells?

An irrigation well is a shallow well you can install on your property. The well receives water from an underground source called an aquifer. Aquifers are natural springs that receive most of their water from rain and nearby lakes or ponds. You can use the aquifer beneath your property to freely irrigate or water your lawn and landscape.

In order to drill an irrigation well on your property, you must obtain permission from your city or state first. Although irrigation wells are free for a property owner to use, they must still obtain permission to install them. As long as your well doesn't cross the property line between your home and the city street, you shouldn't have any problems installing your well. 

If you're ready to create a well on your property, contact a drilling company for help now. 

How Do You Prepare Your Property for a Well?

The first thing a well drilling company may do before they install your well is assess your landscape. An assessment does the following things:

  • locates the right spot for your well
  • analyzes the soil content on your property
  • determines the best type of drill equipment to use for your well

A company will also use an assessment to locate the aquifer beneath your property. The aquifer must be large enough to sustain your irrigation needs throughout the year. You don't want to create a well in an aquifer that doesn't receive water all year round. 

An aquifer must also be located in a place that is easily accessed by a company in the future. Although aquifers can last a long time, they can experience issues that prevent them from obtaining, holding, and releasing water. A company must be able to repair the equipment used to remove water from the aquifer when needed.

Afterward, a company will install your irrigation well.

Learn more about irrigation wells by contacting a well drilling service


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